2001 LSU Computer Science High School Programming Contest

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 We have been hosting the Computer Science High School Programming Contest for a number of years now. In the beginning, each team brought their own computers and sofware, and we judged by actually sitting at the team's computer and typing in the input data and then visually comparing the screen to the printed Judge Output. This process had many disadvantages:
  • Transportation, setup and teardown of computers
  • Teams were not on equal footing (different speeds of machines, different OSes)
  • Disparity in how judges judged

For the past couple of years we have provided computers/software for the contest. This has almost completely leveled the playing field (all teams have very similar hardware and software solutions). All teams start with the same software (no advance coding).

Another big advantage of us supplying the computers is that we could shift from a sneaker net judging solution to a network-based submission solution. Last year we tried a locally written submission system that was reliable and fairly simple to use. Since then, we have hosted the 2000 ACM Regional Programming Contest (for Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma). For that contest, we used the submission system that has been custom written for ACM. While it was not perfect, it was very usable and functional. Based on this experience, we are going to use this software for the High School this year (and hopefully in the future). You can learn more about this softare by visiting the PC^2 web site.

If you have suggestions/comments/whatever, please send them to contest@contest.csc.lsu.edu.

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